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BAZOOF! Creative

BAZOOF! CREATIVE is a boutique publishing house and creative studio. We’re based on the west coast in Vancouver, the Hollywood of Canada, and the east coast in Brooklyn, NY, known for its innovation and culture.

If that’s not enough spark coming from both sides of the continent, wait until you see our work.

We have produced premier content for families and children since 2007, specializing in original character and story development. We’ll take your idea from pipe dream to page and help you build your brand by driving customer engagement.

Our philosophy

Mickey. Bugs. Harry. Ms Frizzle.

What would Disney, the Looney Tunes, Hogwarts, and the Magic School Bus be without them?

At BAZOOF! Creative, we create vertically-integrated products that tie-in to your existing brand and increase your customers’ average spend (think timeless original books, toys, and more). How do we do it? We follow one simple creed: character comes first. It is our process and our focus.

Your brand has a story to tell. Strong characters are at the centre of every great story. We can help you build characters to tell your unique story and grow your business.

What makes us different

We’re a creatively powered team ready to maximize your brand to your customers within a budget you couldn’t pass by. What gives us a competitive advantage?

Super System

We have a finely-tuned system that keeps costs low, that will maximize your profits (anything more than that is top-secret).

We’ve Got This

We’ve been creating children’s content since 2007. We roll that experience into engaging your customers with your brand.

Call Us Picky

We do polished work you can count on and that your customers can count on. That’s a lot of HAPPY!

It’s Just You and Me, Baby

There’s no middle man. We work directly with the manufacturers to save you BIG $$$!! 

Ignite your brand